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Sharpen Up! Continuous Improvement Program

After a major logistics improvement project or program the growth and change in your business does not stop. You have made a major investment in improving your business that has delivered results, but if you don’t keep your processes and systems up to date as your business changes your efficiency will decline. If you don’t manage your warehouse storage capacity and layout to handle your growth or change in product and order profile you can have a major decline in productivity and ability to service your customers. Your key logistics staff may also need support with managing growth, internal projects and rolling out existing technology to new sites.

​We created the Sharpen Up! Continuous improvement program to help you keep up with the relentless pressure of business at 21st century speed. It helps us keep in touch with your business so we can work with your team to keep the business efficient and advise on major business changes in the planning stages to prevent operational issues. The aim of the program is to develop an annual plan for review and maintenance of the key logistics systems (Warehouse Management System and Inventory Planning System) and reviewing the logistics processes to make sure they are adapted as needs change. A KPI program will be developed for monitoring performance and adjusted as new focus areas become important for the business. Key learning and coaching areas for staff development will be addressed to help your staff stay on top of their workload and management objectives for the year. Operational staff can also join the Logistics Help Community to learn from their peers in other organisations and participate in group education and mentoring at monthly webinars and events.

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