About Andrew J Clark
The Logistics Linchpin

Andrew is The Logistics Linchpin – he keeps the wheels from falling off your logistics operations. Andrew is the founder of Logistics Help. Andrew is now in his third decade of working in logistics for a wide variety of private, public and not for profit organisations in all aspects of logistics. Andrew’s specialty is consulting with businesses needing to do the hard work necessary to create high performance logistics.

Andrew founded Logistics Help to bring his warehouse & logistics expertise gained in large corporate supply chains to the Small and Medium Business market. There are significant gaps in the availability of logistics expertise and technology implementation once you move away from the top few percent of large companies. This is a hard market to serve with a traditional consulting model, which really only works when funded by the deep pockets of big business. So Andrew is developing a new model of service delivery combining consulting expertise with standardised implementation of essential software and technology that is more appropriate for the SME market.

“My aim with Logistics Help is to source the best tactics and technology in use in logistics today and find a way to drag it (kicking and screaming sometimes!) into the SME market with a return on investment that makes it a compelling and obvious decision for small and medium business.

Great logistics is one of the core drivers of growth, wealth and well-being around the world. IT, Cloud, SAAS and internet commerce get all the attention, but physical products need logistics and that’s where we come in.

​My goal is to help you create high performance logistics operations so you can scale up without stress and deliver the promises of the 21st century.” – Andrew Clark