Autostock Data Setup

Autostock Functions &

Why you need them

​Set ABC classifications to help manage your items.

​You can apply as many different classifications as you wish, to group your items according to variations in volume, value or any other attribute relevant to you. Typically you set your most important high volume and high value items to A class so you can give them the most attention. B class items are the mid-range and C class items the tail of irregularly selling items. You use these classifications in the planning workbench to set different customer service levels for each class of item and filter or sort by class to review the replenishment plan.
Apply purchasing strategies for Buy To Stock or Buy To Order to items based on history or item categories.
Buy To Stock items are those items you need to range to satisfy your customers, they have a forecast and a safety stock. Buy to Order items are just that, you buy them only when you have a customer order. They have no forecast or safety stock and if you have any stock on hand without a corresponding sales order then you need to clear it out.
​Identify Obsolete items not to be re-ordered.
​Unless you’ve consciously gone through the process of reviewing your product range and deciding what to stock, what to buy to order and what is obsolete, then you may not be aware of how much non-performing stock you have. Implementing Autostock will help you work through this process and keep you informed of excess and obsolete stock that you need to clear out.
​Most item parameters may be maintained in either Autostock or the business system depending on ease of use or sophistication of the business system. Autostock may be used entirely independently.
​If you don’t want or need integration with a business system, then Autostock can be used as a stand-alone planning system. You can maintain all your planning data directly in Autostock.
​Quickly identify new items and configure them for planning.
​Newly created items loaded into Autostock during a data refresh from your business system, will be flagged for you to review and classify so you can order them without delay.