Freight Management Systems

Your key to managing the last mile

An independent multi-carrier freight management system creates the consignments for all of your carriers and frees you from hand writing con notes or multi-system syndrome, where you have a different system from every carrier. Hand writing consignment notes is just a heavy cost and time burden. Multi-system syndrome robs you of your data. You have no central database of your carrier performance or how much you spend. So how could you do an effective review of your freight if you don’t really know how much you spend on sending your freight to different destinations? We believe that a multi-carrier freight management system is essential and ideally it should be integrated with your business system so that no one has to key anything.

Our partners at Myfreight have developed an award winning freight management system and the best thing about it is that it could be free when you do a freight review and they can supply it as part of their freight management service. If you are running your own fleet or hire subcontractors, the system also has a companion app to enable your drivers to collect Proof Of Delivery signatures from your customers.

Not bad, a free freight review, free freight management system and maybe also money in your pocket from better freight rates. Fill in the form here to find out if you qualify for the review.