Cin7 – Cloud Inventory Management System

Is your old accounting or ERP system not cutting it anymore?

Cin7 is a cloud inventory management system suitable for online retailers, omni-channel retailers and B2B wholesalers. Cin7 is set to grow into one of the leading cloud inventory management systems over the next few years as they continue to extend their integrations with more apps to extend functionality and connect to service providers and market places such as Amazon, Ebay and The Iconic. Cin7 has an integrated POS system and continues to develop new omni-channel functionality. Cin7 has developed a powerful EDI capability to help wholesalers with many pre-built integrations with major retailers and custom EDI connections free of the transaction fees charged by Value Added Network providers. Cin7 even has an integrated B2B eCommerce store so that traditional wholesalers and trade distributors can start trading online.

An inventory management system manages your inventory and all of the activities associated with it. This includes purchasing, sales orders, and shipping. Depending on the sophistication of the system its functions may also extend to mobile apps for warehouse functions such as picking, packing, shipping and stock counting.

The benefits of cloud software are now well established – no IT management, always available everywhere you have an internet connection and subscription pricing that scales with your business rather than needing a large investment up front. Cloud systems are usually also easy and fast to implement because everybody gets the same system with no customisations. Possibly their best attribute is that they connect to each other easily to extend functionality in ways that was previously just not possible.

So now, instead of buying a traditional on premises ERP system with its lengthy and expensive implementation, up front licence investment and server management headaches, you can connect a cloud accounting system such as Xero with Cin7 for inventory management and an eCommerce system such as Shopify or Magento and you have all you need to run a modern omni-channel retail business. What this means is that (particularly) smaller businesses that were stuck with accounting systems like MYOB and Quickbooks, which have very limited inventory management functionality, can now upgrade to a very sophisticated business system that has significant productivity benefits and very solid return on investment. This is also a much better platform than older on premises ERP systems (or even early cloud ERPs like Netsuite) which do not have the same ability to connect seamlessly and cheaply to online apps, market places and service providers.

Danny Ing, founder of Cin7 talks about how he saw where the market needs were going and decided to develop a back end inventory management system to support the trends in eCommerce and omni-channel.

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Bella & Charlene from I Love Ugly talk about how much Cin7 has helped them run their street wear brand.

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Choose the right partner for your Cin7 implementation

Logistics Help is proud to be an implementation partner with Cin7 and the only logistics specialist implementation partner (other partners are accountants or IT vendors). We have a lot of business system experience and did extensive research before choosing Cin7 as our preferred inventory system solution. Cin7 has built a system that is easy to use, feature rich, and has many automation features that are simply absent from older ERP systems and overcome the key downside of cloud systems (i.e. they can be a little slow as you bounce between web pages).

The key question then in choosing an implementation partner for your Cin7 project is who do you want to guide your logistics system implementation? An IT specialist? Your accountant? Or a team with decades of experience in creating high performance logistics operations? You know the answer.

Contact us to get help with your Cin7 Inventory Management implementation