Logistics Cloud Co. (LCC) is a new brand launched by Logistics Help to focus on the sales and implementation of Cloud based Logistics Software. We believe that logistics expertise should be the core skill of people who implement logistics software. Unfortunately, we have seen many poor system implementations due to the lack of these skills and Logistics Cloud Co. is aimed at filling this gap in the market for businesses that need systems to help them scale and grow beyond what they could do themselves or get from traditional IT resellers.

Logistics Cloud Co. are addressing the three most pressing logistics management issues for any distribution business with expert implementation of 3 Cloud logistics systems:

1. Warehouse Management: LCC-WMS our own version of NextWMS that we manage in the Cloud

2. Inventory Management: The leading Cloud Inventory Management Systems for wholesalers and retailers – Cin7 and Unleashed.

3. Inventory Planning: Inventoryplanner.com – The leading cloud forecasting and planning system for for online retailers

The new website is coming soon to https://logisticscloudco.com


NextWMS is one of the most advanced Warehouse Management Systems in the world and is now available to small and medium businesses in the Cloud. This system has come at just the right time as many retail businesses are now running warehouses instead of, or as well as retail stores. Direct to customer eCommerce has created overwhelming order fulfillment challenges for many wholesalers, retailers and Third Party Logistics businesses (3PLs) shipping high volumes of small orders.

Logistics Cloud Co. has solved that problem with the LCC-WMS a Cloud version of NextWMS for retailers, wholesalers and 3PLs facing rapid growth in demand from online sales.

If you are in eCommerce, you owe it to yourself to find out how the LCC-WMS can help you rocket your productivity into the stratosphere to make you more competitive and more profitable than ever.