Deep Change Takes Time

10X Logistics Improvement Program

The 10X Logistics Improvement Program is for organisations that know they need to go all the way. For those who are ready to do the deep work required over time to move their business from where it is now to the highest level of performance they can achieve. The 10X program includes all that Logistics Help have to offer from the basics of redesigned business process to the latest technology and software. How quickly you get there is up to you. We’ll tailor a rate of progress that suits both your budget and the pace at which you can adapt. Depending on your business it might take 2-3 years to implement all the changes necessary, because any business usually has a lot of activity going on that limits the speed at which it can change. With traditional consulting models you would implement major change episodically in separate projects, but the problem with this approach is that you miss out on the benefits that come from working in peripheral areas that are excluded from the project scope, but are nevertheless very valuable activities. With the 10X program we do all of the work that would normally be done in limited scope projects but we are freer to work with you on important areas of your business that come up along the way that need to be addressed. We become part of your team rather than temporary visitors. All through the program we are helping you build capability in your team and your operations so that you can take on as much of the work as you are able to do with your own staff.

Each program is tailored to the needs of the client and based on a complete implementation of the High Performance Logistics Model. A Logistics Improvement Plan will be agreed and the timing of the key outcomes in the plan will determine the resources and budget required over time to achieve the goals. The aim is to match our rate of input more closely to your needs that the rate of change possible.  This evens out the costs, reduces the disruption often associated with project work and smooths cash flow for both the client and Logistics Help. Should trading conditions vary the program can be accelerated, decelerated or suspended. When the program is complete there is the option of moving into the Sharpen Up! continuous improvement program to keep the logistics operations on track and help with the ongoing growth or change in the business.

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