High Performance Logistics Model

The building blocks of success

The MAP for High Performance Logistics

The high performance logistics model is a MAP in two ways:

  1. Massive Action Plan that guides a business towards efficient, reliable and accurate logistics operations
  2. A map of the terrain of logistics effectiveness developed from front line experience of what works
    We are not theorists at Logistics Help. In fact most of what we know is simply not taught anywhere. It comes only from years of experience working on logistics projects within companies across different industries and sizes from near start-up to large mature global corporations. It comes from sitting alongside IT developers, going deep into the code and functionality of business systems to fix fundamental issues with how they work. From managing front line workers, driving forklifts, picking orders, facing day to day operational pressures to get the work done. It comes from years of analysing large data sets of inventory, sales and shipping data to extract meaning and find value creating action. Because the High Performance Logistics Model is practice based, it is never finished, it evolves with input from every project and improves over time.

​The structure of this MAP will be familiar to many, but the high emphasis on process first may not. Many, many people within organisations start with where they are and look for add on technology solutions and leave their business processes unexamined. We believe process design is so fundamental we do not proceed with any changes to a business unless we have first understood it through the lens of process and made sure it is in alignment with the strategy that drives the business. In fact you will notice the entire model sits in the bath of business strategy so that the strategy razor is applied to ensure all operations are supporting the strategy.

Business Process Redesign

Our High Performance Logistics model starts with understanding your growth plans and business strategy and then redesigning your business processes to align your operations with that strategy. Optimised processes are the foundation of everything that we do. Without the best possible process, you cannot build the right systems or infrastructure and your staff may end up unproductive and frustrated.

Strategy and process design, guides the build of the right infrastructure, IT systems and organisation to deliver your business outcomes with efficiency reliability and accuracy. The end result is an organisation aligned to your strategy delivering superior service to customers at lowest cost to the business.

We work out the best warehouse layout and storage systems to maximise your storage density and match that with the most appropriate materials handling technology. Inbound and outbound freight handling and carrier relationships are optimised.

The end result is maximum space utilisation and minimum travel path which is the basis for physical efficiency in your daily operations.
It System
We optimise your current business system to suit the re-engineered processes. We make better use of your existing system functionality and develop light customisations that achieve significant results.

If automated materials handling equipment is used, we ensure it is integrated with your IT systems to ensure the entire system is an effective logistics solution.

Although we work with any system you choose, we also have carefully chosen logistics software partners that deliver the highest value solutions to support the revised business processes.

All this effort would be wasted without the right staff, structure and training to run the new operation and a change program to ensure the new business design is rolled out effectively throughout the organisation.

We help you communicate the new changes to your staff and explain the reasons for change to help people understand what is happening and why.

We write the business procedures essential to getting the results out of the new operational design and train your staff how to run an efficient, reliable and accurate logistics operation.

Download the High Performance Logistics Model brochure.
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Download the High Performance Logistics Model brochure.
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