Organisational Design & Change Management

There is no success without successful staff

Overcome the barriers to business growth through organisational design and effective change management

Organisational change is one of the most difficult activities to manage in business. People are not machines and do not simply do what they’re told. People need to understand why and accept the reasons for change before they will be willing participants in changes to their world. At Logistics Help we recognise that the organisational change process is a key part of any logistics improvement project. We help you to communicate change to your business and explain why change is necessary and then help you through the hard work of rolling out change by clarifying roles and responsibilities, recruiting the right staff into those roles and developing procedures and training your staff. We can also mentor your new or newly promoted staff to ensure they are successful.

Organisation Structure

Rapid growth or change within a business will drive the need for a change in organisation structure.  We will help you define the roles required for the size and type of logistics operations you are moving to.   We’ll write role descriptions and map out responsibilities and required qualifications so you can put the right people in each role

Procedures & Training

A key part of the success of any project is the communication of the reasons for change to the whole organisation.  Once a project design phase is completed we will help you communicate the reasons, impacts and expected benefits of the project to your organisation and help gain acceptance and support for the coming changes.

There is often significant operational change required in a logistics project. Operational procedures must be written for redesigned business processes and new systems and equipment.   Staff must be trained at each site affected by the changes.  This is a core part of every logistics project we do.  This is most effectively done by a train the trainer process where we train your supervisors and managers in the new processes and systems and then support them as required to train staff across the business.

Many businesses do not have adequate written procedures and lack alignment of their desired outcomes with how their staff perform their work.  We can overcome this problem by developing a complete set of operational procedures for all logistics operations in the company as part of the logistics improvement project.


Most of our staff have been in management roles in logistics and warehousing and have recruited staff and learned the hard way how to recognise the talent and character that makes for a good team member.  We help you write a good job description defining the:

  • mission,
  • outcomes,
  • competencies and
  • character

of the role being hired, and can help you find the right person for the gaps in your newly designed organisation structure.

Note that we are not a recruiting agency and only recruit on request as part of a logistics improvement project.  The costs of recruiting are built into any project fee we charge and are usually a very cost effective way to hire, compared to a specialist recruiter working on a percentage of salary fee.

Coaching & Mentoring

If your staff are new to warehousing and logistics, or have grown into a management role, then you may need to help them with some coaching to be successful.  We focus on getting your staff up to speed in the essentials of performing their role so that they not only learn how to be more effective in delivering results, but they understand the essential contribution they make to the business and engage effectively with other functions.

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