Careers at Logistics Help

If you’re tertiary educated and have worked in inventory planning or warehousing and distribution in a management or technical role and you’re looking for a change, then maybe a career at Logistics Help is right for you. We’re looking for smart people who know logistics and have an entrepreneurial mindset. We never know when opportunity will arrive, the secret is to be ready for it when it does. Find out more about what we’re looking for below and fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Do you have what it takes to be a Logistics Linchpin?

  • You need to understand from first hand experience the nature and difficulties of supply chain and logistics. You might have experience as:
    • Warehouse operational background – someone who has worked as part of a warehouse management team. You may have been a manager or supervisor or logistics systems person.
    • Inventory planner, good with data and spreadsheets, familiar with planning systems. You also need a good general understanding of warehousing and logistics.
    • Technology or IT specialist working on logistics software implementation
  • Degree qualified or proven intellectual horsepower to handle complex conceptual tasks. You’ll be using complex spreadsheets and data analysis tools, designing physical spaces in 3D, developing business workflows, implementing business software, solving complex system integration problems. Yes, you’ll get training, but we need above average intellect.
  • Willing to step out of the corporate world. Bear in mind that working with us as a Linchpin is not a particularly good way to get a leg up the corporate ladder, so if this is what you really want – please do not apply. But if you want the freedom to grow, to be intellectually challenged, have a more flexible work life based in a home office. If you find corporate life stifling and controlling.  Then go ahead.

I want to be a Linchpin!