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Novo Nordisk

Our Logistics consultants help Novo Nordisk avoid a costly strategic decision after seeing the results of their outsourcing RFP

At Novo Nordisk we needed to know whether continuing our distribution in house was the right decision for the future.  Logistics Help’s expertise in logistics consulting to the pharma industry was exactly what we needed to help us run an independent RFP process.  Andrew Clark managed the process for us and presented the results which really helped everyone in the senior management team understand the value of our current operation compared to outsourcing, and we are confident we made the right decision.
– Dilshan DeSilva – National Distribution Manager  Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global biotech innovator in Diabetes, growth hormone, haemostasis management and hormone therapy.  Novo Nordisk are also unusual in that they are one of the few companies in this market that still perform their own distribution.  The senior management at Novo needed to know whether continuing to run their own warehouse was the right decision when the majority of similar organisations had long ago outsourced their operations to logistics service providers.  So they turned to Logistics Help to go to the market with an Request For Proposal process to see if the there was a better alternative.

Spine NSW operates out of a factory/office unit with a small double height warehouse.  They wanted to see if they could use the height of their warehouse for more storage and develop an improved layout to speed inbound and outbound processing of surgical kits.  Spine NSW engaged Logistics Help to review their processes and develop a revised warehouse layout with more storage capacity.

The processes of both creating and responding to Request For Proposal (RFP) or Request For Tender (RFT) documentation is time consuming and resource intensive with no guarantee of favourable result for either side.  It can be very difficult to accurately encapsulate a business and all its complexity in a document, and responders often find themselves with many questions  left unanswered and a looming response deadline.  Tenderers and proposal receivers can receive widely diverse responses that are difficult to compare and require considerable further discussion or negotiation with the responders.