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When warehouse management systems first came out, they were multi-million-dollar systems only implemented by large corporations. As time and technology moved on the price dropped and the sophistication has increased but WMS has not trickled down to smaller businesses, we have a smartphone in our pocket but a piece of paper in the warehouse. At least one of the reasons for this, is that implementing a WMS well, is not a DIY project. Logistics Help is overcoming the implementation barrier by releasing a relatively low cost but powerful way to build efficient, reliable and accurate warehouse operations early on in the growth of your business rather than scaling up costly and inefficient processes. The Fast Start offer is for warehouses with 10 staff or less and is fully supported on site by our consultants to make sure you get the result you expected.

How can we do this?

Upimium is based on decades of experience in warehouse management and system implementation. We have built a standard operating model for ecommerce that is suitable for most online retailers. So instead of having to develop a bespoke and expensive solution tailored to each client, we can very quickly tweak the standard model to your business. Yes, there may still be a few nice to haves that are not standard, but you can add these later as the need arises. Of course, we can still build a bespoke implementation if you need this.

You may not be ready for this yet

We believe that every warehouse should have a WMS, but we also know that you need to implement a plan not a product. WMS only makes sense in the context of an overall Logistics Improvement Plan for your business and the only way to find if this is the right step for you now is to register for a Free Logistics Checkup.

How to host your WMS


  1. On premises server – the recommended way if you want the fastest and most responsive system, nothing beats the speed of hosting the system on your own local server.
  2. Dedicated cloud server – This is fine if you don’t want to manage the maintenance of an on premises server but is the most expensive option.
  3. Cloud server shared with other Upimium Clients – This is a new option that we are launching in 2020 – we need a few clients to make this launch viable, so please register your interest in this option on the contact form below. Cloud Upimium may be a great place for you to start if you want the simplest possible startup. You will be able to migrate to a dedicated cloud server or on premises server version if you outgrow the cloud version.

3 Fast Start – What you get


  1. Fully supported implementation
    1. Our consultants work with you onsite to get the best use out of the standard model and train your team to operate the system.
  2. Integration with accounting/inventory and freight systems
    1. integrated with your cloud accounting system (e.g. Xero, Quick Books, MYOB) or inventory system (e.g. Unleashed, Dear, Cin7, NetSuite, JCurve etc) and your freight system (AusPost, IFS, Sendle or other cloud freight system). 
    2. More complex or non-standard integrations will be at additional cost.
  3. Optimised eCommerce functionality for tracking all movements in and out of your warehouse.
    1. Receiving by PO or ad hoc blind receipts if you don’t us PO
    2. Directed put-away – control where you stock is put in your warehouse
    3. Cycle counting and stocktake – keep your stock accurate
    4. Pick location replenishment for fast movers or random storage for the long tail
    5. Pick wave management and advanced picking processes
      1. Multi-order and multi-batch picking are available for the most efficient and accurate small order fulfilment process for eCommerce operations
    6. Integration with freight systems for on demand printing of freight labels


Pricing is simple:

  • Implementation cost $25,000 (3PL sites will be more depending on requirements for billing, client integration and customisation requirements)
  • Licence fees $150 per device per month. What is a device? – Similar to a concurrent user in a conventional software, each login of a user to a mobile device or the admin user interface in a browser, is counted as a device. One device can be used over multiple shifts by different users. You will need at least one admin device and may need several depending on the application. Minimum number of devices for the Fast Start offer is six devices  – $900 per month.
  • Expected payback period of 6-18 months depending on your current scale and situation.

3.2 What you need to do

  • We provide guidance but do not manage the installation of the hardware with the Fast Start. We can manage this for you as well for an additional cost.
  • Pick and arrange your preferred hosting option, on premises, dedicated cloud or shared cloud. We can help you source support for the first two and quote hosting costs for the shared cloud model on a case by case basis depending on your likely transaction volume and service level required. Note we make our money on licence fees not hosting, so these costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Buy mobile scanners for use in the warehouse. We recommend using industrial grade mobile scanners using Android OS which are available from $1000 to $1500. There are cheaper options off Ebay but these are risky and often have no warranty and little support. Upimium will work with any device with a browser such as a tablet or phone so the possibilities are nearly endless if you want to start very basic.
  • Wi-Fi your warehouse. Upimium mobile devices require a network connection to access the application so you will need full Wi-Fi coverage in your warehouse. You could use the mobile data network if you have good signal strength in your warehouse (and most warehouses do not have a good mobile signal), but the response time will be a little slower.
  • Buy barcode label printers. You will need to print barcode labels at receiving and at despatch.
  • Apply barcode labels your warehouse racking and shelving

Hosting Option